About Sheldon Kreger

Sat 01 September 2018 | tags: About


I am a software engineer focused on applications in the big data space. Many other buzzwords might also describe my work, such as data engineer, data scientist, devops engineer, full stack developer, distributed systems engineer, predictive analytics expert, and so on. I've done enough of this that the labels have become indifferent.


Being a healthy and generally well-educated individual is superior to being a one-trick, corporate code-writing machine. Society doesn't just need engineers, it needs engineers who insist on solving the problems which truly matter. Building foundations across many disciplines has given me the confidence to take a deep-dive when the requirement arises.

Despite all the terminology, the important thing to know is that programming requires extraordinary intellectual flexibility. Rather than a boring list of technologies I've used, the emphasis ought to be on my personal attributes. By focusing on my physical and mental health, I am consistently able to achieve deep focus for many hours per day. Because I am not a 'naturally gifted' programmer, and because the technologies I find myself working with is in constant flux, I have focused on overall personality development over endless study of any particular technology. But, when the need arises, I am more than excited to learn the details and explore the depths of the best tools for whatever job I am facing.

The underlying constant in everything I do is the achievement of flow. My body is the lab and my lifestyle is the experiment. With experience, I make adjustments to the parameters with the goal of increasing my performance and the positive impact I have on society.


Strength training provides the foundation upon which I enjoy many outdoor sports, including ski/snowboarding, hiking, sprinting, paintball, and downhilll mountain biking. I have a home studio where I record drums and compose music of many genres. Economics, environmental sciences, psychology, psychoanalysis, and critical theory are topics I take seriously and have been obsessed with at one point or another. Visual artwork and fashion is fascinating to me, particularly techwear and surrealism. I have been practicing Transcendental Meditation since 2009.