1. Signs it is Time to Refactor

    Software systems are expensive. After building a big application, one might hope there is a reasonable lifetime for it to live in the wild before it needs to be replaced. I have worked on sites that were implemented successfully and will have a lifetime of many years. But, especially on ...

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  2. My Interest in Scala

    As you may know, despite a breif academic background in high performance computing, I have spent the last few years working almost exclusively with the content management system Drupal, building and maintaing websites for both small nonprofits and large corporations. Most of my work has been in managing application configuration ...

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  3. Why I Still Read Programming Books

    With such an abundance of online material, why do I continue to read programming books? After all, online content is usually free; and buying books is expensive.

    I read programming books because I believe they offer a large-picture perspective on the topic at hand. Books usually cover the full application ...

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  4. Strategies for Learning New Programming Skills

    There are no shortcuts to learning a new programming or framework. Just like any other skill in life, it requires focused attention for extended periods of time. As the hours accumulate, we learn to approach problems in new ways. The syntax which was once foreign gradually becomes familiar. We don ...

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