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  1. I Am Retiring from CMS Projects

    After 5 years, I have decided to leave Drupal behind to take my software engineering career in a different direction. In fact, this was the plan, even before I began working in Drupal. My gratitude to the Drupal community cannot be overstated. A handful of key, unnamed people in this …

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  2. Understanding Config in Elixir

    Elixir uses a build tool called Mix, which allows you to define static global variables for your project inside a special file called config.exs.

    A typical config.exs file looks something like this:

    use Mix.Config
    config MyApp,
      myVar: value,
      myVar2: value2

    Inside your application, we then load the …

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  3. Natural Talent and Programming

    Recently, I attended a Meetup where one of the guests brought up an interesting question. She remarked about how programmers can accomplish a lot, sometimes with less knowledge than we think we need. As fresh novices, it's hard to even know when we are ready to hit the job. This …

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  4. What Is Work-Life Balance?

    Work-life balance is much more than having time to yourself every evening. It's more than a 40 hour workweek, and it's more than taking a few weeks of vacation every year to see your family.

    While a simple harmony between work and other obligations is an honorable accomplishment in American …

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  5. My Interest in Elixir

    Almost exactly a year ago, I published a blog post regarding my excitement about Scala. Today, I am writing about an even newer programming language called Elixir.

    Motivation Part 1: Scala Seems Impossible

    I am not one of those naturally gifted programmers who can pick up new syntax on the …

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  6. Noppoo Choc Mini Review

    The Noppoo Choc Mini is a mechanical keyboard. I scored a killer deal on Ebay and decided to pick it up.

    Why I Bought It

    In terms of size, it sits somewhere between a ten-key-less (TKL) and a 60%. I attend a lot of programming meetups, and therefore write a …

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  7. Bad Programming Week

    Occasionally, I have an entire workday where I get nothing done. Not a single deliverable item is checked off the list. Sometimes, it is because a task is hard and takes many days. In other cases, it is because I am unable to focus on my work.

    However, I have …

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  8. Drupal for Prototyping

    I have spent the last few years working almost exclusively with Drupal 7. My current project has revealed many of the problems Drupal has with scalability in many regards, and as a result, I have set a lot of time aside to explore new frameworks as our team prepares to …

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