Noppoo Choc Mini Review

The Noppoo Choc Mini is a mechanical keyboard. I scored a killer deal on Ebay and decided to pick it up.

Why I Bought It

In terms of size, it sits somewhere between a ten-key-less (TKL) and a 60%. I attend a lot of programming meetups, and therefore write a lot of code on my laptop. The problem is that I don't like my laptop keyboard, so I decided to find a portable replacement.

The Choc Mini is slightly larger than what I was originally looking for, because it has a function row. The FC660M, on the other hand, has no function row and is therefore a bit smaller.

I didn't go for a 60% keyboard like the Poker3 because they do not have arrow keys, and the function button to engage the layer for arrows is extremely un-ergonomic - downright painful to use in my opinion. I had one for a few weeks and sold it right away.

What I Like

The Choc Mini is extremely space efficient. There is no wasted space between keys. For example, the function keys sit exactly in line with the number keys, meaning there is no large gap between every few function keys like you see with most mechanical keyboards.

My Choc Mini shipped with Cherry MX Blue switches. Enough said.

Overall, the case feels sturdy. The keys are not ugly (aside from the spacebar with the logo). It feels sold to type on, but the weight of the keyboard is not too heavy. Since this is my portable setup, the weight is an important factor.

Really, the best thing about the keyboard is the size.

What I Dislike

Two minor issues with this keyboard. First, the spacebar is an odd size (5.5) which means buying a standard keycap set is going to be incomplete. The spacebar simply won't fit. There is only one dealer who makes spacebars for this keyboard, and in only one profile. So the options are very limited.

Second, the cord is not detachable. This means that sliding the keyboard in and out of my backpack is slightly more cumbersome. Bummer.

Mac Compaitibliy Issues

The keyboard does not work on OSX. It works fine on my Ubuntu Linux laptop. There are reports that you can use USB to PS2 and then a PS2 to USB adapter setup to solve the problem. I have not tried it yet.


The Choc Mini is a great choice for a portable keyboard, if you demand arrow keys and perhaps the function row.